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One stop for the latest news on internal medicine, landmark trials and studies,
and quick refreshers on the essentials of IM practice for the generalist.

Clinical Criteria

A quick overview of the most commonly encountered clinical criteria in internal medicine, including Light's, Well's and many more.

Landmark Studies

Over the past few decades, a number of clinical trials have shaped medical practice, and more so in internal medicine than perhaps other fields. We review some of the instrumental trials with their findings.

Medical News

There has not been a better time to be a clinician, and advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases are happening at a dizzying pace.

Letters from our readers

Our readers send us letters and opinions about the content we offer. We publish some of the best we receive.

Spotlight trial: SPRINT (2015)

This pivotal study changed how we think of blood pressure control.

Spotlight criteria: Light's

These very famous criteria help determine exudative vs transudative fluids

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